One Year Later…

Would you believe this is me? You don't? Oh, okay.

Quietly, and with little fanfare, my blog turned one last Friday.

Now, given that I rarely (read: never) use this forum as a place to self-reflect, I thought a slight change was in order. Therefore, I offer the following nine facts/reflections as a way to celebrate and look back on the last year.

1.) I rather enjoy blogging. As it states on my about page, I do this as an intellectual exercise—to keep me thinking through ideas to their ends. Thus far, my blog has served this purpose admirably.

Here's my class, together with Dr. Packer. He's in the middle, in case you couldn't tell.

2.) It says, in the sidebar, that I “never stop thinking.” And while this is a true statement, it is also a private joke, because once when I was taking a course with Dr. J.I. Packer he wrote, as his sole comment on my final grade sheet, “Keep thinking!” I regarded his comment with amusement—after all, what else was I going to do?

3.) Of all the kinds of writing I’ve done here, book reviews are the most difficult to write, largely because I have to get the whole book in my head before I can say anything intelligent about it. The process takes a huge mental cache, which I don’t always have.

4.) I’m not a blogger, I’m an online essayist. Most blog posts, as best I can tell, are a few hundred words. Mine average thirteen hundred. I realize, of course, that in our present culture to write this way is to ask a lot of you. I hope, if you have hung around past the first paragraph of a given post, that you were rewarded for your perseverance.

5.) If I combine, by estimate, the total words written in sermons and blog posts in the past year, then I’ve composed some 251,000 words. At 500 words a page, that’s 503 pages, or (roughly) 6% of a digital tree.

6.) I’ve posted 29 times (roughly twice a month). If I break down my blogging by category, seven posts are about the Church generally, three are about general topics, twelve are book reviews, six are about movies, and one is exegesis. Six or more books are currently in the dock to be reviewed. Shudder.

Who knew it had been translated into Arabic?

7.) I love seeing what people type into Google to get to my blog. For example, how many people type some combination of the words “Invictus” “bad” and “accents” and get to my post on Invictus, or the person who typed فرودو باجينز and got to my post on the Lord of the Rings. So very interesting, isn’t it?

8.) The most viewed, individual post on my blog is my review of Inception, followed by my review of The Two Towers, and that followed by my review of Invictus. Granted, the stats are a little skewed because “Home Page Views” don’t count toward the individual posts viewed. Taking those factors into account, and the amount of times that people search for Invictus + bad, I think the Invictus post is probably the actual top post. Regardless, it’s clear that movie critiques are in high demand on the internet.

9.) If I were to identify what is my most under-read post, I think I would draw your attention to Zest vs. Excitement. I felt when I wrote it, and still feel, that it is an important word for people to hear. Or read. You know what I mean.

That’s all for now. Perhaps I shall self-reflect more in the future? Not likely. Until next year, that is.


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